Wonderful! Crossword Writer Slips Rape Joke Into Multiple Major Newspapers

Wonderful! Crossword Writer Slips Rape Joke Into Multiple Major Newspapers

A disgraced crossword puzzle author covered a rape funny story in considered one of his syndicated puzzles, which ran in a few important newspapers this week.

Timothy Parker changed into already a polarizing call within the crossword network after FiveThirtyEight found out ultimate year that he’d plagiarized dozens of latest York instances crossword puzzles and repurposed them for the syndicated generic Crossword, where he’s still published to at the existing time.

On Tuesday, news organizations across the u . s . a . ran Parker’s crossword, titled “human beings to Shun,” which included a weird, 3-element rape comic story as a way to the clue “Run from all and sundry who says this.”

the solution, which spans the combined duration of 17, 41 and sixty three across, reads: “PSST good day DOES THIS vintage RAG odor LIKE CHLOROFORM TO YOU.”

The disgusting joke references chloroform, a chemical compound that has been used to knock people out and sexually assault them. 

Evan Birnholz, the Sunday crossword writer for The Washington publish, observed the answer to Parker’s puzzle Wednesday on Twitter, calling for famous Crossword and the papers that ran the puzzle to take be aware.

“when I noticed that set of answers, and whilst exceptional crossword constructors noticed them, the response was utter revulsion,” Birnholz cautioned HuffPost. “I don’t recognize what he changed into questioning.”

Parker and representatives at Andrews McMeel Syndication, which syndicates famous Crossword, didn’t respond to HuffPost’s repeated calls for observation. The Andrews McMeel website says Parker “sets the same old for all daily crosswords.”

Parker turned into temporarily suspended after his plagiarism scandal closing 12 months, however people in the crossword community like Birnholz had been preserving a close eye on him thinking about that his name commenced cropping once more up on syndicated puzzles.

The papers that run regular Crossword don’t look like publicly indexed, so it’s uncertain how many ran Parker’s rape shaggy canine tale. but the puzzle became visible online or in print at the Boston Globe, The Philadelphia Inquirer and The Denver post, among others.

Michelle Bjork, a deputy handling editor for the Philadelphia every day news and Inquirer, showed to HuffPost that it ran inside the papers.

“The Inquirer does now not clear up any of the puzzles earlier,” she stated through electronic mail. “Now that we know the answer to the three clues, we agree it's miles beside the factor and offensive.”

The “shaggy canine story” isn’t real to Parker; versions of it were referenced in popular tradition for some time, along with on Patton Oswalt’s 2009 album “My weak point is powerful” and in a 2009 episode of “family guy.”

It’s dubious how the solution made it through everyday Crossword’s modifying approach, a few aspect that can be. but as a cutting-edge workout, crossword writers wouldn’t craft something remotely offensive know-how it’d display up in a newspaper, stated Birnholz.

He noted a famous, unwritten rule in the crossword community known as the “breakfast test,” which crossword crafters use to decide what material should run within the paper each morning.

“Can you are saying a few component juvenile? It relies upon on the outlet,” Birnholz stated. “One thing that’s understood amongst crossword crafters: You don’t need to head near honestly depressing or violent subjects. You’ll by no means see a first-rate crossword crafter write a subject rely approximately the 1/3 Reich or the KKK.”

Nor would you ever see a topic like Parker’s, he stated.

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