Stunning! Hilarie Burton Details Sexual Assault Allegations Against One Tree Hill Showrunner Mark Schwahn

Stunning! Hilarie Burton Details Sexual Assault Allegations Against One Tree Hill Showrunner Mark Schwahn

In an interview with range published on Friday, actress Hilarie Burton unique her sexual attack allegations closer to One Tree Hill showrunner Mark Schwahn saying that after she labored with him for six years she “in no way favored to be the lead woman on any display ever, ever, ever once more.”

Burton recommended range that initially Schwahn had acted like a mentor to her, giving her man or woman greater attention and allowing the actress to sit down in on manufacturing meetings. “I now recognise that i was being groomed as bait,” Burton said, such as that during the primary seasons, she struggled closer to his tries to sexualize her character.

however after the second one season, Burton claims “matters took a flip.”

Burton said she acquired a couple of past due-night time time mobile phone calls from Schwahn at some point of manufacturing for season three, consisting of 1 in which she says he claimed that irrespective of being married he grow to be no longer only in love with some other actress at the display, but that that that they had a physical dating. despite the fact that Burton claimed she reprimanded him for the decision, she said that tomorrow she became sent plant life with an unsigned word that read: “thank you for being my mystery keeper.”

In 2006, Burton also alleged that Schwahn invited her and a fellow actress — the identical one he had allegedly counseled Burton he changed into having an affair with — to wait a concert with him and his spouse. Burton claimed that in the concert, Schwahn slid one in each of his arms into her pants while his distinctive hand come to be round his spouse.

Burton additionally claimed that during season four, Schwahn allegedly compelled himself on her for the number one time at the same time as they have been using in a limo together. at the time, Schwahn stated he became approximately to name the CW president dawn Ostroff to pitch an idea for the following season of One Tree Hill and he invited Burton to sit subsequent to him and listen in on the decision.

“I’m leaning in listening, and at the same time as it’s dawn Ostroff’s flip to talk, he actually leans over and begins kissing me,” Burton stated. “I push him off, however i can’t say some thing, because he’s at the mobile phone stopping for our display to stay at the air. I’m simply on this position in which I’m thinking, ‘You’ve have been given to take it, Hil. simply chuckle it off.’ ”

a few weeks after the limo trip, Burton said she received an invitation from Schwahn to “the kissing membership,” with a observe inviting her to satisfy him at a neighborhood eating place. Burton says she did now not visit the meeting.

And in February of 2007, Burton claimed Schwahn forced himself on her for a second time.

“I’m at the bar waiting to get liquids for the hairdresser and me, and he leans over and he kisses me in front of every body,” she stated. “proper on the mouth. It grow to be a few thing I had to get out of. It wasn’t a %.. It wasn’t ‘howdy, sis, how’s your day?’ It emerge as a boyfriend kiss.”

Burton went on to assert that while they have been taking pictures the finale for season four, she advised Schwahn off after he began giving her a rub down she did no longer ask for, warning him that he should lose his activity and need to now not touch girls anymore.

A representative for Schwahn did not immediately reply to human beings’s request for remark.

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Burton added that she left One Tree Hill after her agreement led to season 6, despite the fact that she emerge as provided a boom to return for season 7. on the time, she did not file Schwahn’s alleged conduct to the network due to the fact “I didn’t want Warner Bros. to view me as a problem, because of the fact they have been so supportive.”

She additionally said that after she left the show she refused to audition for pilot season and became in the end dropped via her agent.

“the priority of being pressured into every other the type of conditions became crippling,” she stated. “I in no way desired to be the lead girl on any show ever, ever, ever yet again.”

Burton’s distinctive allegations come days after she and 17 extraordinary women who labored on One Tree Hill wrote an open letter accusing Schwahn of sexual harassment. On Wednesday, he changed into suspended from his task as showrunner on E!’s show The Royals.

Following Schwan’s suspension, an open letter turn out to be signed by means of manner of 25 ladies who worked on the Royals who claimed that Schwahn engaged in “repeated unwanted sexual harassment of a couple of female contributors of solid and organization.”

Burton changed into one of the first ladies to speak out about sexual misconduct inside the wake of Harvey Weinstein’s ongoing scandal. In October, Burton said Ben Affleck groped her in some unspecified time in the future of an appearance on TRL. Affleck apologized for the incident and stated in advance this week that he thinks men want to take accountability for their movements amid sexual misconduct allegations.

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