Unbelievable! Why Bachelor In Paradise's Corinne Olympios Ended A 3-Month Engagement: 'It Just Wasn't Right'

Unbelievable! Why Bachelor In Paradise's Corinne Olympios Ended A 3-Month Engagement: 'It Just Wasn't Right'

Corinne Olympios is starting up approximately her past.

rapidly after filming the twenty first season of  The Bachelor, the 25-year-old did get keep of a suggestion and an extraordinary sparkler — but from an ex-boyfriend in place of Nick Viall.

“I did now not see it coming,” Olympios tells human beings of the wonder thought. “It kind of simply came about. He modified into speaking with my parents. It came out of nowhere. I actually went out to get chinese food and i came home and he was there alongside with his dad and mom. It have become plenty of crying and an expansion of speakme approximately matters that have took place within the past and subjects we need to work on, and he just have been given down on one knee, and he had a ring with him.”

for the duration of an appearance on The Morning Breath display on Tuesday, Olympios discovered out she were engaged in advance than, however no longer pretty some human beings knew approximately it.

“We have been engaged for approximately 3 months, we broke it off because of the reality topics had been getting manner too tough with the display airing and things popping out on air that made him uncomfortable,” she tells people. “It’s one thing listening to about it and then one element seeing it. It wasn’t running. He have become again to his antique way, i was lower back to my antique tactics.”

although Olympios, 25, didn’t reveal her former fiancé’s call, she did share some information about him on the Morning Breath.

“So I removed tattoos that I had, because i used to be engaged to a completely spiritual guy,” she said. “And he turned into like, ‘i will’t marry you if you have tattoos.’ [So I] were given them eliminated. Then we broke off the engagement.”

As she tells human beings, “It was difficult for me as it became regular on and stale. that's in no way k, but it’s some factor i used to be used to with him. It was like, ‘deliver me the ring lower back,’ and, ‘Get the ring decrease lower back,’ and, ‘supply the hoop back.’ It end up absolutely truly tough. I revel in in truth proper now. There were some instances that I omitted him, but it’s been a while, so I suppose we’re ok now. I sense like we’re each in a higher vicinity now. a few factor like that isn't clean to recover from, however it changed into manner too difficult at the time. It truely wasn’t proper.”

Now, Olympios — who emerge as recently named the face of rebel Society‘s woman line, riot ladies — is focusing on her personal style line and looking ahead to what’s subsequent.

WATCH: Corinne Olympios Debuts 2nd style Line

“because of the reality group Corn modified into so successful the primary two release, rise up Society decided they favored to merge and create rebellion female, which means that all my stuff will be going to outlets in 2018. It’s certainly exciting for me!”

She provides, “fans are in reality excited. The garments are cute, relaxed, and amusing. every person can put on them and fans are virtually excited that they can purchase them in shops — like metropolis garments shops, PacSun and Tilly’s —  and no longer watch for them online.”

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