Unbelievable! Man Reproposes To Wife On Her Last Day Of Chemotherapy: We’re ‘Celebrating Her New Life’

Unbelievable! Man Reproposes To Wife On Her Last Day Of Chemotherapy: We’re ‘Celebrating Her New Life’

Reyna Castellanos have been given the sweetest surprise on what grow to be already a effective occasion: her ultimate day of chemotherapy.

Castellanos, 30, walked out of the hospital in January to peer circle of relatives and pals maintaining up symptoms and vegetation on her closing day of chemo remedy. After his wife embraced their loved ones, Freddy Lopez dropped to at least one knee and requested her to renew their wedding vows.

“She commenced crying. She emerge as happy. We’re celebrating our vow renewal, however we’re additionally celebrating her new life,” Lopez, 32, tells people. “We’re taking it as a brand new existence possibility. She desires to have a massive wedding because she felt at a aspect that she wasn’t gonna make it. however she did.”

Video photographs showed the candy 2nd, and despite the fact that the large day turn out to be in January, Lopez uploaded the video to YouTube earlier this month. Castellanos became diagnosed with breast maximum cancers in 2016, about a 365 days after she and Lopez welcomed their third infant.

This three hundred and sixty five days due to the fact that has been difficult for the Perris, California, couple. Lopez remembers one of the couple’s lowest moments, last Thanksgiving, even as Castellanos became bed-ridden inside the sanatorium.

“She emerge as sort of giving up. She notion she wasn’t gonna make it with breast cancer degree three occurring 4,” Lopez tells humans. “We have been just laying down and…we genuinely broke down and began out crying. She informed me, ‘I want to get married all over again. I want to renew our vows.’ ”

He provides: “I knew she become questioning that she wasn’t gonna make it if we waited. I instructed her, ‘sure, we’re gonna get married once more and also you’re gonna be there.’ I recommended her, ‘our youngsters want you. you can’t give up … We’re collectively in this.’ ”

The couple stocks 3 kids, a long term 3, 7 and 10.

Lopez says that, whilst he reproposed to his partner, he stated that emotional day.

“i used to be reminding her of that night that we both felt like she wasn’t gonna make it thru. i was telling her, ‘I concept we weren’t gonna be capable of make it to this present day, but I want to ask you to marry me yet again.’ ”

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Lopez tells people that he and his partner plan to renew their vows on July 14, 2018. The date is giant for the affection birds.

“We decided on that day due to the fact on that date is gonna be two years due to the fact she have become recognized,” he says. “We’re doing it on that day due to the reality we need to delete that reminiscence of whilst she turned into diagnosed and replace it with our new beginning.”

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