Amazing! Ben Affleck On Groping Allegations: 'I Don't Remember It, But I Absolutely Apologize For It'

Amazing! Ben Affleck On Groping Allegations: 'I Don't Remember It, But I Absolutely Apologize For It'

Amid the severa evaluations detailing decades of sexual misconduct by using some of Hollywood's largest names, actor and director Ben Affleck has been the diverse developing listing of men who have been accused of sexual harassment. currently making the rounds on the Justice League exposure excursion, Affleck's been trying to control the narrative surrounding those allegations and make clean that he is trying to replicate upon and alternate his strategies. living proof: his appearances at the past due display With Stephen Colbert Thursday night time and today Friday morning.

all through Affleck's section with Colbert, the Harvey Weinstein scandal turned into a given talking element, considering the actor's very own professional history with the former Hollywood powerhouse. Affleck advised the target market that he might be donating the residuals from his Miramax movies to agencies like RAINN and movie unbiased, pronouncing he did no longer need to "cash a test from the fellow" but desired to understand the cash might be used for proper.

Colbert then requested Affleck about his private "sexual impropriety," not anything that he had apologized for "some" of the allegations that have been delivered in opposition to him, and Affleck directly tried to protect himself.

"What i used to be accused of, via a girl, become touching her breast whilst I gave her a hug," Affleck stated. "I do now not take into account it, however I truely express regret for it. I genuinely do not think she's mendacity or making it up."

The incident Affleck is regarding, of course, occurred for the duration of a 2003 go to to MTV's TRL. Actress and previous-VJ Hilarie Burton accused Affleck of grabbing her breast on-air during an interview. (And Affleck may additionally need to with out issue refresh his reminiscence through looking the video that seemingly files the moment.)

due to the fact the interview persevered, Affleck similarly expounded on his current self-reflected photograph, saying, "this is simply the form of element that we want to, as men, as we come to be more aware about it, be surely, truly aware of our conduct and hold ourselves responsible." it's miles worth noting that Affleck did now not well known make-up artist Annamarie Tendler's allegations that Affleck groped her at a 2014 Golden Globes birthday party.

In an interview with Savannah Guthrie Friday morning, Affleck yet again exact his recognition of his non-public privilege and his determination to doing better but declined to address Rose McGowan's accusations that Affleck changed into aware of Weinstein's conduct in the Nineteen Nineties.

"I don’t actually need to get into other human beings’s character testimonies due to the truth I enjoy like the ones are their testimonies and they will be entitled to inform as plenty or as little of those as they want," he said. "I do not forget Rose, I assist her, I really like and recognize her tenacity and need her the satisfactory."

in the course of the entire Justice League press junket, Affleck has staunchly asserted that he is "looking at my very own behavior and addressing that and ensuring I’m part of the solution” concerning Hollywood's sexual harassment trouble. allow's hope he's vital approximately it—and it is no longer in reality lip service to earn a few correct publicity.

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