Wonderful! Make Your Garden Brighter In The Dull Months With THESE Features, Says ALAN TITCHMARSH

Wonderful! Make Your Garden Brighter In The Dull Months With THESE Features, Says ALAN TITCHMARSH


Gardens appearance their drabbest in wintry weather, but there’s an clean manner to offer yours a seasonal face-increase – just prepare some pretty pots of shrubs and evergreens.

Creatively speaking, you can percent a punch with only a few components. All it takes is a few stylishly planted tubs and troughs placed in which they’ll be found most. 

Don’t fear approximately searching out flowers which can be uncommon and high-priced, you'll be rather creative with pretty everyday wintry weather shrubs and little evergreens, in case you team them together in order that they perform the high-quality in every one of a kind. 

iciness heathers are all too regularly overlooked as a chunk dull but in case you pick out a aggregate of varieties for orange foliage and red flora they’ll look extraordinary in a big bath round a red-stemmed dogwood.

 Or team a mixture of heathers with gold foliage and white plants with a yellow-flowered witch hazel (Hamamelis mollis “Pallida”), which blooms prolifically in moderate spells among now and spring. For another fetching aggregate, surround a smallish skimmia or Viburnum tinus (every are evergreens with tight heads of pink buds in wintry weather) with Gaultheria procumbens – a low-creeping shrublet with oval leaves and a heavy crop of purple, gobstopper-like berries.

when you have a large enough bath, add a iciness box (Sarcococca hookeriana “digyna”) which has instead upright, wand-like stems with long, slender, elegant paired leaves.

pretty a few human beings reuse plant life that they already very own for wintry climate container shows, so you may be able to make it quite appealing without splashing out. Potted topiary is proper – you could use rosemary or ivy educated around a twine shape, or stick to standard potted pyramids or subject balls, or general lollipop-knowledgeable evergreens


Sink your topiary plant – nonetheless in its pot – into the centre of a massive tub full of compost and plant wintry weather pansies, pink-berried Gaultheria or flowering iciness heathers throughout the bottom. It offers an vintage traditional a colorful new appearance.

look out for exciting kinds of bergenias (the ones with leathery leaves like elephant’s ears). some take on purplish or bronze tints in wintry climate with mauve-pink vegetation to observe in spring. every other beneficial candidate is the Christmas rose (Helleborus niger), which has massive, round white plants that can begin commencing spherical Christmas.

you may dream up all types of prevailing combos from whatever is to be had – berrying flowers, evergreen foliage, buds or plant life, coloured stems and architectural foliage shapes – and you may even cheat and upload your very personal faux flora, fir cones or artificial fruit.


you can moreover slight up your introduction.

upload a quick string of fairy lighting fixtures if the bathtub is close to a suitable power outlet.

You’d by no means dream of doing such matters in summer season whilst there’s lots of flowers round, however now I reckon it’s sincerely really worth making the maximum of the whole lot you can to create a powerful cheery splash.

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Wonderful! Make Your Garden Brighter In The Dull Months With THESE Features, Says ALAN TITCHMARSH Photo Gallery